Official Trailer for Neil Patrick Harris’s THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST

An upcoming indie comedy centers on New York neophytes Jeff (Neil Patrick Harris) and Samantha (Bonnie Somerville) as they attempt to navigate the cutthroat and hilarious waters of the city’s private schools. Jeff has no prestige of his own to offer -- until he gets coerced into to pretending that he’s a poet. Of course, he’s never written a thing past his high school yearbook, but he’s got a friend with a writer’s touch. In comes Peter Serafinowicz, star British comedian, who has a thing with words. In text messages. Dirty text messages. Farcical escalations ensue, with Patrick Harris suddenly becoming the toast of clueless New York City high society... The film premiered at the Philadelphia Film Festival on October last year, and expected to hit theaters sometime this summer.

The Best and the Brightest - Poster
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