Character Trailers for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS


First four character spots for the reboot of the comic book franchise helmed by “Kick Ass” director Mathew Vaughn, introduces Raven Darkholme (aka Mystique) played by Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone), Hank McCoy (aka Beast) played by Nicholas Hoult (A Single Man), Sean Cassidy (aka Banshee) played by Caleb Landry Jones (The Last Exorcism) and Alex Summers (aka Havok) played by Lucas Till (Battle: Los Angeles). The film follows Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) “before he was Professor X” and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) “before he was Magneto.” Set against the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Bryan Singer-produced movie begins with the struggle of the mutants before they were X-Men and the Brotherhood.

X-Men First Class - Promo Quad

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