Theatrical Trailer for 9/11 Doc REBIRTH

A feature length documentary film which has been created by a team of seasoned, successful Hollywood filmmakers who have been working together since 9/11. Their vision is a compelling film experience and a unique historical record and resource: a living testament to honor 9/11, and its victims and heroes.

The inspirational story follows the nearly ten-year transformation of five people whose lives were forever altered on September 11, 2001 -- and simultaneously tracks via unprecedented multi-camera time-lapse photography the minute-by-minute evolution of the space where the Twin Towers once rose. Both a singular cinematic and human experience, REBIRTH is deeply intimate and uplifting - providing a moving portrait of how trauma and grief metamorphose into hope and rebuilding as the human spirit transcends the unthinkable over time.

The film will open August 26 in Los Angeles and August 31 in New York, on the eve of the 10 year anniversary.

REBIRTH, by Jim Whitaker
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