First Official Trailer for THE GREENING OF WHITNEY BROWN

The directorial debut from Peter Skillman Odiorne, stars Brooke Shields, Sammi Hannraty, Aidan Quinn, and Kris Kristofferson.

The family comedy follows the misadventures of ‘Whitney Brown’ (Sammi Hannraty), a privileged and popular Philadelphia teenager whose world is upended when her parents, ‘Henry’ (Aidan Quinn) and ‘Joan’ (Brooke Shields), experience sudden economic problems that necessitate a family move to Whitney’s grandparents’ old farm in the country. There, far from her dizzying world of shallow girlfriends, endless parties and school pressures, she finds a new best pal: ‘Odd Job Bob’, a beautiful and spirited Gypsy Vanner horse owned by her new neighbor ‘Dusty’ (Kris Kristofferson) --- a crusty rancher who turns out to be her estranged grandfather. Through her new relationships with Odd Job Bob, Dusty and her parents, Whitney rediscovers what it means to respect not only nature and her family, but also someone very special she had almost lost touch with: herself.

The Greening of Whitney Brown - Poster #1
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