Official Trailer for Michael Cuesta’s Indie Drama ROADIE

An indie drama from director Michael Cuesta (L.I.E., Twelve and Holding, Showtime’s Homeland) which premiere at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. The film was written by Gerald Cuesta and Michael Cuesta, and produced by Mike Downey and Sirad Balducci. It stars Ron Eldard, Bobby Cannavale, Jill Hennessy and Lois Smith, and featuring a refreshingly eclectic 70s hard rock soundtrack.

Some people spend their adulthood living out their childhood dream. Only what happens when the dream ends? After 20 years as a roadie for Blue Öyster Cult, Jimmy Testagross (Eldard) has nowhere to go but home. Reluctantly he returns to his mother’s (Smith) home in Queens, New York, where he pretends he’s only there for a quick visit, and soon realizes that his mother is teetering toward dementia. At the local bar, he runs into his high school crush (Hennessy), now married to his old nemesis (Cannavale). Building a future for himself means confronting these relationships from the past.

Using a minimalist approach, director Michael Cuesta and co-writer Gerald Cuesta set Roadie over the course of one day and night with three main characters, taking the time to fully explore the dynamics between them. Eldard easily evokes Jimmy’s inner frustrations while Hennessy and Cannavale give realistic performances as a pair who never left town but moved on in life. Roadie is about a generation coming to a crossroads in life where you can’t escape the past but you can’t relive it either.

Roadie - US Poster
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