International Trailer for WWII Drama INTO THE WHITE with Rupert Grint

Previously known as Comrade, is an anti-war film directed by Norwegian actor and film director Petter Næss. It stars Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), David Kross (The Reader), Florian Lukas, Stig Henrik Hoff and Lachlan Nieboer.

The World War II-set film is based on a true story. On 27 April 1940, German Luftwaffe pilot Horst Schopis’s bomber was shot down at Grotli by an RAF fighter, which then crash-landed. The several German and English crew members shoot each other together, and later found himself in the same cabin. In order for a difficult winter survival in the Norwegian wilderness, they have to stand together. It’s a long, unlikely friendship began.

Into the White (2012)
Rupert Grint and Lachlan Nieboer in INTO THE WHITE
Rupert Grint in INTO THE WHITE
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