English-Subbed Full Trailer for Paco Plaza’s [REC]3 GENESIS

[postlink http://www.vlicious.org/2011/12/full-spanish-trailer-for-paco-plazas.html[/postlink]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6SPpN7nH7Uendofvid

An upcoming 2012 Spanish horror film sequel to 2009’s REC 2 and third film of the REC series. Paco Plaza directs the third film by himself. He co-directed the previous two with Jaume Balagueró, but for whatever reason, Balagueró has opted to take a solo path as well with another film, “Sleep Tight” (Mientras Duermes). Starring Leticia Dolera, Àlex Monner, and Diego Martín, the film encompasses the events of the first two films and after the sense of claustrophobia previously experiences.

The new chapter will see the film “open up” by using a more traditional cinematographic style. However the film’s roots have not been forgotten and viewers will still be immersed in the action watching certain events unfold through the eye of the video camera. The action now takes place miles away from the original location and partly in broad daylight giving the film an entirely fresh yet disturbing new reality. The infection has left the building. In a clever twist that draws together the plots of the first two movies, this third part of the saga also works as a decoder to uncover information hidden in the first two films and leaves the door open for the final installment, the future ‘[REC] 4 Apocalypse’.

[REC]³ Génesis - Spanish Banner
[REC]3 Génesis - Poster
[REC]³ Génesis - Spanish Poster #2
Leticia Dolera in [REC]3 GENESIS
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