Official Trailer for Retro Poltergeist Flick WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT

Previously known as Speak No Evil, is a UK’s retro poltergeist feature which premiered at the 2012 Rotterdam Film Festival. Based on true events, the Pat Holden-directed thriller is set in Yorkshire, 1974. Britain is in recession, the oil crisis and black outs loom large. The Maynard Family move into their dream house, only to find a “PRESENCE” already living there.

Len (Steve Waddington), Jenny (Kate Ashfield) and their daughter Sally (Tasha Connor) must struggle to keep their already-fragile family together as they are attacked by poltergeists. Soon it becomes apparent that Sally is their main focus of attention. The house becomes a living nightmare. They must exorcise the evil spirits for them to survive.

When the Lights Went Out - US Poster
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