Debut Trailer for APARTMENT 1303 with Mischa Barton

An English-language remake of the Japanese supernatural thriller of the same name, which is an adaptation of Japanese author, Kei Ă”ishi’s eponymous novel. Directed by Michele Taverna, the film stars Mischa Barton, Julianne Michelle, Rebecca De Mornay and Corey Sevier.

The family life of Janet Burns (Michelle), 23, sister Lara (Barton), early 30’s and their mother Maddie (De Mornay), a late 50’s singer, comes to an end when, after one more furiois fight, Janet moves out and rents an apartment downtow. Apartment 1303 is on the 13th floor of a high-rise building in a depressed part of Detroit.

Soon after moving in, her 9-year old neighbor Emily (Madison McAleer), tells her of a previous tenant who committed suicide by jumping from her balcony, a girl named Jennifer (Kathleen Mackey). While Janet unpacks, strange and unexplainable events begin to occur. The day after, Joyce, a collegue notices Janet is bruised and believes her boyfriend Mark is responsible. Janet denies it and blames sleepwalking.

That evening Janet witnesses a robbery in the convenience store of her new building. Moments later Mark (Sevier) arrives to comfort her. During the night Hanet is once again awakened by supernatural occurences and realized Mark has left. A powerful force takes hold of Janet and drags her body across the living room. The balcony doors fly open and Janet is thrown out onto the railings. She holds on for a moment, screams and finally falls to the ground - 13 floors below.

When days later Lara arrives at Apartment 1303 to remove Janet’s belongings she begins to experience the same supernatural events.

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