Debut Trailer for HELLO I MUST BE GOING with Melanie Lynskey

Selected as the opening night film for Sundance Film Festival 2012 to very positive reviews, HELLO I MUST BE GOING features acclaimed actress Melanie Lynskey (Win Win, Up In The Air, Two Aan A Half Men) in her breakout role as Amy, a recent divorcee who seeks refuge in the suburban Connecticut home of her parents (Blythe Danner and John Rubinstein). Demoralized and uncertain of her future, Amy begins an affair with a 19-year-old actor (Girls’ Christopher Abbott) that jumpstarts her passion for life and helps her discover an independence and sense of purpose that she has missed for years.

Coupling Danner’s subtly riveting performance as a frustrated empty nester with Lynskey’s endearing and nuanced depiction of both the comic and tragic avenues of an existential crossroads, the Todd Louiso-directed dramedy is a modern, unconventional love story infused with sex, humor, and emotional honesty--everything Amy will need to get on in life.

Hello I Must Be Going - Poster #1
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