First Official Teaser for Takashi Miike’s LESSON OF THE EVIL

LESSON OF THE EVIL (Aku no Kyoten / 悪の教典 / 恶之教典) is an upcoming psychological thriller directed by acclaimed and controversial Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike (三池崇史), based on the novel of the same name by Yusuke Kishi (贵志祐介).

Hideaki Ito (伊藤英明) takes the lead, playing a high school teacher named Seiji Hasumi who’s loved by his students and respected by his peers. However, his outward charm masks his true nature. In reality, Hasumi is a psychopath who is unable to feel empathy for other human beings. Specifically, he has a severe antisocial personality disorder. Because of his mental condition, Hasumi chooses to deal with problems like bullying and overbearing “monster parents” the easy way—by systematically murdering his students.

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