First Trailer for THE LETTER with James Franco & Winona Ryder

THE LETTER, previously titled The Stare, is an upcoming psychological thriller film written and directed by Jay Anania, starring Winona Ryder and James Franco. Franco is a former student of Anania’s, who teaches directing at NYU. The pair previously collaborated on 2010’s Shadows and Lies. The film also stars Josh Hamilton, Marin Ireland, and Katherine Waterston.

Martine Jamison (Ryder) is a NY theatre director beginning rehearsals for a new play starring her boyfriend Raymond (Hamilton) opposite a young beauty. They are joined by an unknown newcomer, Tyrone (Franco), who develops a peculiar fascination with Martine and is openly hostile to all others. As rehearsals continue, Martine has periods of disorientation that quickly deteriorate into vivid hallucinations as she becomes convinced someone is trying to poison her. As Martine’s mental state devolves she begins to rewrite her play... and art and life become inseparable.

The Letter - Poster #1
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