Debut Trailer THE DETAILS with Tobey Maguire & Elizabeth Banks

THE DETAILS is an upcoming dark comedy which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival to solid reviews. Written and directed by Jacob Estes, the cast includes Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Banks, Ray Liotta, Dennis Haysbert, Anna Friel, Laura Linney, and Sam Trammell.

Jeff and Nealy (Maguire and Banks) have it all figured out. They’ve got money, family and everything in between. What they don’t have, though, is a nice backyard. So after they sod the whole thing, raccoons begin to dig it up and drive Jeff crazy. His desire to go all Carl Spackler on the little varmints creates problems with his cat lady neighbor (Linney), his best friend (Washington), her husband (Liotta) and his basketball buddy (Haysbert).

Tobey Maguire and Elizabeth Banks in The Details
Tobey Maguire and Laura Linney in The Details
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