First Trailer for SYRUP with Shiloh Fernandez & Amber Heard

SYRUP is an upcoming comdedy drama film co-written and directed by Aram Rappaport (Innocent), based on the novel by Max Barry, a slacker hatches a million-dollar idea. The film starring Shiloh Fernandez as Scat, Amber Heard as 6, Kellan Lutz as Sneaky Pete, and Brittany Snow as 3.

Syrup is a satirical comedy of marketing and consumerism written by Max Barry, under the name Maxx Barry. Published in 1999, it is Barry’s debut novel. Set in present day, a young marketing graduate named Scat comes up with an idea for a new product for Coca-Cola called ‘Fukk’. This causes him to go to Coca-Cola to sell his idea for $3 million, but he finds that Sneaky Pete has already claimed the copyright in a backstabbing move. This then leads him to leave his apartment with Sneaky Pete and move in with Cindy. Cindy eventually throws him out and he goes to live with 6 and Tina while managing the summer marketing campaign for Coca-Cola. He eventually succeeds with the campaign. After that Scat tries to undermine Sneaky Pete’s effort to run a new secret project for Coca-Cola, the first feature length advertising movie.

Brittany Snow and Kellan Lutz in Syrup Shiloh Fernandez and Amber Heard on the set of Syrup
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