New Theatrical Trailer for Peter Jackson-Produced WEST OF MEMPHIS

WEST OF MEMPHIS is an upcoming Sundance selected documentary film directed by Amy Berg (Deliver Us from Evil) and produced by first-time filmmakers Damien Echols (one of the convicted men) and Lorri Davis along with Lord of the Rings filmmakers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh. The film follows the story of the West Memphis Three to its dramatic and unexpected conclusion, raising serious questions about justice and its compromises.

For many people, the case of the West Memphis Three has become synonymous with wrongful conviction. Despite a lack of physical evidence, three Arkansas teenagers were found guilty in 1994 of the ritual murder of three eight-year-old boys. Media attention led to an outpouring of support that has helped to keep them in the public consciousness for nearly two decades.

Director Amy Berg examines the crime and its aftermath, providing a voice for the victims’ families, including those with doubts about whether the right people are behind bars. Rather than focus on the accused, the film follows their supporters—including loved ones, attorneys, and celebrity advocates such as Eddie Vedder and Peter Jackson—as they seek the truth. With the help of a former FBI profiler, a less sensational, yet still chilling, motive and suspect emerge—ones, shockingly, never investigated.

West of Memphis - Official Poster
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