US Theatrical Trailer for Quentin Dupieux’s WRONG

The latest feature film from Quentin Dupieux’s (also known as the electronic artist Mr. Oizo) which premiered at 2012’s Sundance Film Festival, follow-up to his wacky experimental indie flick “Rubber”. It stars Eastbound & Down’s Steve Little (a Sundance 2011 staple due to The Catechism Catacylsm), character actor William Fichtner, as well as Jack Plotnick, Eric Judor and Alexis Dziena. The story centers around a man called Dolph who searches for his lost dog, but through encounters with a nympho pizza-delivery girl, a jogging neighbor seeking the absolute, and a mysterious righter of wrongs, he may eventually lose his mind… and his identity.

Wrong - Poster #2
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