Full International Trailer for Pixar’s MONSTERS UNIVERSITY

[postlink http://www.vlicious.org/2013/02/full-international-trailer-for-pixars.html[/postlink]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbeFIfS8unoendofvid
MONSTERS UNIVERSITY is an upcoming feature length prequel to the 2001 film Monsters, Inc. Dan Scanlon is directing and Kori Rae is producing. John Goodman and Billy Crystal is returning for the film. This will mark the first prequel Pixar has ever produced.

Mike Wazowski (Crystal) and James P. Sullivan (Goodman) weren’t always the inseperable pair they are today. Back when the two first met, they couldn’t stand each other. The film tells the tale of how the two of them resolved their differences and became the best of friends.

Monsters University - UK Poster
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