First Trailer for Damian Nenow’s Debut Feature ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE

“ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE” is an upcoming 3D animated feature presented by Platige image and Kanaki Films, which is slated to premiere in first quarter of 2015. Based on the eponymous book of the legendary writer and war reporter, Ryszard Kapuscinski, it narrates the desperate chronicle of a human being, who is pushed to his limits and is fighting for survival and informs the world about the final battle between the United States and the Soviet Union for the control of Africa.

Co-directed by Spanish director Raúl de la Fuente and Polish director Damian Nenow (known for the critically acclaimed and Oscar-shortlisted short film “Paths of Hate”), the Nenow’s feature debut combines video footage of eye witnesses reminiscing about the events with 3D animation. de la Fuente will direct the live-action and documentary part of the film, while Nenow will animating Kapuściński’s memories, from the moment he arrives in Angola to his going to the front to fight. Filming of the documentary part of the film starts in the Autumn of 2013 in Poland, Angola, Portugal and Cuba.

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