New Theatrical Trailer for Kim Ki-duk’s Venice-Selected MOEBIUS

MOEBIUS (뫼비우스 / 莫比乌斯) is an upcoming controversial drama film from Venice Golden Lion-winning Korean director Kim Ki-duk (金基德). The film reunites him with actor Jo Jae-hyeon (曹在显), as they previously worked together on “Crocodile” (1996), “Wild Animals” (1997), “The Isle” (2000), “Address Unknown” (2001), and “Bad Guy” (2002). The main cast also includes Lee Eun-woo (李恩雨) and Seo Young-joo (徐英洙).

Following a self-documentary “Arirang”, which earned Kim the Un Certain Regard prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011, and “Pieta” which debuted later in the year 2012 as it famously won the Golden Lion during the Venice International Film Festival, MOEBIUS has been selected to be screened out of competition at the 70th Venice International Film Festival. It tells the story about a man who grew up in a broken family due to his flaky father and the movie contains sexual intercourse between the mother and son and amputating of the sexual organ.

The film drew much controversy as it received a “restricted rating” in Korea due to scenes of incestuous sex, meaning it could not be screened at local theaters. It rater earned the local equivalent of an NC-17 rating after the director agreed to cut three minutes of sex scenes.

뫼비우스 (Moebius, 2013) - Official One Sheet
뫼비우스 (Moebius, 2013) - Theatrical Banner
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