New Official Full Trailer for David Cronenberg’s MAPS TO THE STARS

MAPS TO THE STARS is an upcoming satire drama film directed by David Cronenberg (Crash, A History of Violence , Eastern Promises, Cosmopolis) and starring Mia Wasikowska, Robert Pattinson, Julianne Moore, John Cusack, Olivia Williams, Sarah Gadon, and Evan Bird. The screenplay was written by Bruce Wagner who later wrote a book, Dead Stars, based on the Maps to the Stars script after the plans for making the film with Cronenberg fell through the first time.

The Weiss family is the archetypical Hollywood dynasty: father Stafford (Cusack) is an analyst and coach, who has made a fortune with his self-help manuals; mother Cristina (Williams) mostly looks after the career of their son Benjie (Evan Bird), 13, a child star. One of Stafford’s clients, Havana (Moore), is an actress who dreams of shooting a remake of the movie that made her mother a star in the 60s. Adding to the toxic mix, Benjie is just off a rehab program he joined when he was 9 and his sister (Wasikowska) has recently been released from a sanatorium where she was treated for criminal pyromania and befriended a limo driver (Pattinson) who is also an aspiring actor.

Mia Wasikowska in Maps To The Stars
Robert Pattinson in Maps To The Stars
Julianne Moore in Maps to the Stars
John Cusack in Maps To The Stars
Julianne Moore and Sarah Gadon in Maps to the Stars
Evan Bird in Maps To The Stars
Maps to the Stars - Italian Teaser Poster
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