Debut Trailer for MURDER OF A CAT with Fran Kranz & J.K. Simmons

MURDER OF A CAT is a offbeat detective comedy directed by Gillian Greene and produced by her husband Sam Raimi. Premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, the film stars Fran Kranz, Nikki Reed, J.K. Simmons, Blythe Danner, and Greg Kinnear.

Clinton Moisey (Kranz) is an iconoclastic, artisan action-figure designer who still lives in his mom’s basement, and is, by the standards of the world, a full-blown loser. But Clinton doesn’t have time to care about what others think of him; he is too busy running a yard sale where he promotes his hardboiled detective toy line with his pet cat and best friend, “Mouser.” When Clinton wakes up one morning to find Mouser impaled by a crossbow arrow, he is devastated. Realizing that the local Sheriff (Simmons) is only interested in flirting with his mom, Clinton sets off on his own to find out who killed Mouser and why. As Clinton delves deeper into the case, he encounters a free-spirited weed dealer and part-time hair stylist (Reed) to the elderly, a squeaky-clean Korean store clerk (Danner) with a dark side, and a local celebrity (Kinnear) on the verge of a nervous breakdown, ultimately uncovering a town-wide conspiracy far greater than he ever imagined.

Fran Kranz and J.K. Simmons in Murder of a Cat
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